A White Closet wedding | Eve and Blaine

May 12, 2017

Eve is one of the co-owners of  The White Closet in West Didsbury and now Liverpool. I’ve known her for ages as we have worked together on bridal shoots although I met her for the first time when I bought my own Claire Pettibone wedding dress from her. So the White Closet wedding was eagerly anticipated! I knew it would be amazing because Eve is amazing, she has immense style and is so lovely and full of warmth.  The wedding was held at Willow Moorings in Northamptonshire where her grandfather’s house boat is. Her mum grew up on the St. George so the location was very significant for them. Eve had two wedding dresses (because she owns a wedding dress shop) a bespoke Charlie Brear for daytime and a sparkly Jenny Packham for the evening. Blaine looked so cool in his Simon Carter pink flamingo shirt and baby blue jacket. The civil marriage was held in the morning at Loughborough Town Hall with close family. Then they headed off to Willow Moorings where they had a blessing and were joined by all of their friends and family.  The styling was very festival-like, natural, easy and outside so fortunately we were blessed with good weather. It was an absolute joy to be part of.  We also had the pleasure of Ted and Daphne’s company too, Eve and Blaine’s two dogs. You can also see their beloved shoot in the Lake District here https://www.la-photography.co.uk/eve-blaine-ted-engagement-shoot-lakes/  Ted also joined them on this shoot.


The White Closet Wedding and Charlie Brear












Bespoke Charlie Brear






Charlie Brear Wedding Dress









Simon Carter Pink Flamingo Shirt



 Simon Carter Pink Flamingo shirt

































































Jenny Packham from The White Closet


















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The White Closet, West Didsbury. The White Closet, Liverpool, Charlie Brear, Jenny Packham

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