What do we do if it’s raining?

December 1, 2018

One of the questions I am asked most by my couples is ‘what do we do if it’s raining?’ What’s the plan B?

I know everyone wishes for a lovely day to enjoy drinks outside in the beautiful location you’ve chosen for your wedding. The reality in the UK though is often something else entirely. At worst it chucks it down for the entire day with no let up whatsoever. Middle ground is it rains on and off and you get a window of opportunity to get some photographs outside. It rarely chucks it down for the entire day. I think that’s happened 3 times in the 14 years I’ve been a wedding photographer.  All three of those days were in summer. I think that’s one of the reasons there isn’t a ‘wedding season’ any more and many couples have their wedding day in winter. I guess if you get married in November your expectation is rain. When it pours down in August it’s much more disappointing.

I don’t mind a bit of weather though, it makes for some great photographs. It makes colours more vibrant and skies dark and moody. Huddles of people under umbrellas come running into church, making faces. Inside out umbrellas, an army of people helping the bride get from the car to the church doorway without any part of her wedding dress touching the puddles on the ground and of course you can still have beautiful photographs taken inside. Some venues are happy for you to have confetti inside too. Yes we all wish for a dry day but it’s really not the end of the world if it rains on your day. I have never, ever heard anyone say they felt their day was spoiled because of the weather. I hope that’s put your mind at rest a bit and I hope you don’t have sleepless nights about weather.

P.S. If you buy a load of umbrellas it probably won’t rain. Sods law.

Groom trying to put an unbrella down on his wedding day when it was raining

Beautiful tipi wedding image from wet weather wedding Guests arriving with umbrellas for Lake District, wet weather wedding Bridal party holding up brides dress to avoid puddles on North West rainy day wedding Bride and groom in car with rain running down windows, Lancashire wet wedding. Wedding guest arriving with coat on head at rainy wedding venue. Wet and windy conditions for guest arriving at Cumbrian wedding Wedding guest piggy back at wet and windy North West wedding Stormy bcakdrop of Lake Windermere from Low Wood Bay wedding venue Guests arriving for Lake Windermere Cruise from Lake District wedding venue, Low Wood Bay Laughing guest ignoring the rain and enjoying a cruise across Lake Windermere from Low Wood Bay wedding Panoramic view of Lake Windermere on rainy Lake District wedding day Rainy day Lake District wedding, bride andgroom on board Lake Windermere cruises steamer Guests enjoying tipi wedding at North West rainy day wedding Storm clouds over Lake Windermere for Cumbrian wedding couple Guests arriving in the rain for North West wedding Guest runs towards church door, arriving at rainy north west wedding wedding guest with umbrella arrives for rainy north west wedding husband keeps his wife dry under a big umbrella as they arrive for rainy wedding page boy arrives at wet north west wedding Chauffeur with umbrella shields bridesmaid from heavy rain as she arrives at church Bridesmaid arrives at church in heavy rain for North west wedding Friends waiting in the rain for the arrival of the bride at rainy, north west wedding Bride and her father arrive in vintage car for wet Lake District wedding Bridesmaids holding up bride's dress as she walks to ceremony on rainy wedding day. Beautiful indoor confetti picture for rainy North West wedding Bride groom in indoor confetti shower at rainy north west wedding Bride and groom kissing in front of beautiful fireplace on rainy North west wedding day Bride, groom and crying baby in beautiful north west wedding venue Wedding couple holding up wedding dress for rainy day wedding pictures

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