A wedding at Bartle Hall | Sarah and Daniel

October 3, 2014

Sarah and Daniel’s autumn wedding at Bartle Hall in Lancashire.

The ceremony was held at St Nicholas church in the gorgeous village of Wrea Green where Sarah’s family live. Conveniently for the boys The Grapes pub is right next door! Sarah was bursting with excitement from the moment I met them in March 2013 and the morning of her wedding day was exactly the same. No tension or nerves just a very beautiful woman eager to see her beloved Daniel. It was a joy to spend the day with these two and their friends and family – thank you for having me. When they received their photographs they sent a wonderful email as follows which made me very happy.

“Lisa they are amazing, thank you so much! We love the photos, and we loved having you there on the day! You made us feel totally comfortable which allowed us to be our natural selves…our love, and that of our family and friends, shines through on the photos because of this. Once again, thank you. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have such wonderful images from our big day.”
Credits: Flowers: Earth Scent, Cars: Cloud 9, Band: The Deadbeats.

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