Sir Ian McKellen – portraits

May 16, 2014

I had a very exciting (and somewhat terrifying) day. Being invited to photograph Sir Ian McKellen was quite scary.  Even more scary when I arrived to find a completely blacked out theatre with no natural light. I find the best way to photograph somebody you have never met is when they are doing what they do best so here are my favourite shots of Sir Ian performing a soliloquy. There was absolutely no need to be terrified either, he was very funny and charming and I had a great time.  I shot these with my 70-200mm lens on f2.8 with very high ISO. No flash only available light.


Hi Lisa,

Sir Ian is certainly a photogenic thespian – I would imagine he would be a great character to have a portrait session with. Image no.5 from your panel here would have to be my favourite.


How very exciting and no doubt nerve wracking, you have a fantastic set of natural images here and I love number 5 too!

These shots are amazing Lisa. I absolutely love b&w candid feel to these. The lighting looks great as well! I would be very nervous as well photographing one of the best actors on the planet but you’ve captured him beautifully with so much character in every image – well done!

Wow, I am incredibly jealous of you! You did a fantastic job of this

Jo x

Great job Lisa, love following your success.
You’re a great inspiration to me.

Gill Jones