New House Farm Wedding | Lake District

December 22, 2016

This was my first New House Farm Wedding so I was excited to photograph a wedding at another Lake District wedding venue, this time a 17th century farmhouse.

Clare and Scott transformed the barn and grounds of New House Farm into a festival style wedding with incredible details and styling. I’ve just had to rein myself in from blogging just short of 300 images! The styling was a photographers paradise although it was Clare and Scott who made it really, really beautiful. Clare wore a Claire Pettibone wedding dress and sparkly Kate Spade shoes. Lucy Pearson did her hair and make-up and is alway so lovely to work alongside.  The boys got ready next door in the Old Dairy so it was easy to pop back and forth to capture all the emotion and fun of the morning preparations. After an emotional wedding ceremony they had a relaxed reception on the lawn and we took some pictures with the horses. After the food and speeches we went over to Buttermere Lake in the car for some early evening shots with the most incredible scenery. There was a silent disco outside and then the first dance took place in the barn later on.

Having had such a great day here with Clare and Scott I’m really looking forward to going back to photograph another New House Farm wedding at the end of May for Clare and Jonny’s big day.


ClareScott005 ClareScott008 ClareScott014 ClareScott015 ClareScott016 ClareScott017 New House Farm Lorton ClareScott019 ClareScott020 ClareScott024 ClareScott027 ClareScott028 ClareScott030 ClareScott035 ClareScott038 ClareScott040 ClareScott043 ClareScott047 ClareScott049 ClareScott052 Lucy Pearson Make up artist ClareScott060 ClareScott062 ClareScott063 ClareScott064 ClareScott066 Claire Pettibone Wedding Gown ClareScott070 ClareScott071 ClareScott074 ClareScott075 ClareScott076 ClareScott077 ClareScott080 ClareScott082 ClareScott088 ClareScott092 ClareScott093 ClareScott098 ClareScott100 ClareScott103 ClareScott105 ClareScott106 ClareScott110 ClareScott111 ClareScott120 ClareScott126 ClareScott128 ClareScott129 ClareScott131 ClareScott141 ClareScott146 ClareScott147 ClareScott148 ClareScott152 ClareScott159 ClareScott161 ClareScott170 ClareScott172 ClareScott173 ClareScott176 ClareScott178 ClareScott179 ClareScott190 ClareScott192 ClareScott195 ClareScott202 ClareScott206 ClareScott208 ClareScott214 ClareScott217 ClareScott218 ClareScott219 New House Farm wedding photography ClareScott221 ClareScott222 ClareScott226 Wedding at New House Farm Lorton ClareScott244 ClareScott246 ClareScott260 ClareScott296 ClareScott299 ClareScott305 ClareScott320 ClareScott324 ClareScott329 ClareScott331 wedding photography at New House Farm in Lorton ClareScott335 ClareScott336 ClareScott340 ClareScott342 ClareScott346 ClareScott347 ClareScott350 ClareScott361 ClareScott366 New House Farm wedding photography ClareScott386 ClareScott393 ClareScott396 ClareScott405 ClareScott411 ClareScott413 ClareScott415 ClareScott420 ClareScott423 ClareScott424 The shoe game at weddings ClareScott428 ClareScott429 ClareScott430 ClareScott432 ClareScott435 ClareScott439 ClareScott441 Lake District Wedding photography ClareScott446 ClareScott447 ClareScott448 Wedding Photography in Buttermere ClareScott456 ClareScott457 ClareScott461 ClareScott465 ClareScott466 ClareScott471 ClareScott472 ClareScott473 ClareScott488 ClareScott493 ClareScott494 ClareScott506 ClareScott510 ClareScott512 ClareScott515 ClareScott519 ClareScott525 ClareScott536 ClareScott542 ClareScott546 ClareScott547 ClareScott556 ClareScott557 ClareScott570 ClareScott571 ClareScott575

A mention to all the other enormously talented people who helped make this Lake District wedding so gorgeous too: Make-up and hair by Lucy Pearson and Katie Dale.  Clare’s dress is Claire Pettibone’s Brigitte from The White Closet in West Didsbury. Tulle hair piece is from Pearl and Co.  Sparkly shoes from Kate Spade. Big LOVE letters from Typical Type. Stationery Lucy Says I Do.  Grasmere gingerbread heart favours. Milk churns and vintage crockery by Sure to Surprise You.

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