Gilpin Lake House Wedding

July 1, 2017
Groom fishing at GilpinLake House

I love a wedding at Gilpin Lake House. They had me at the big gorilla that lives in the woods and each time I go I find something new, something delightful and kooky.  The Lake House is hidden away down a country lane and has it’s own tarn, Knipe Tarn.  There are a couple of rowing boats, a beautiful spa overlooking the tarn and a boat house. It’s fair to say it’s one of my favourite wedding venues in the UK. Lindsay and Becky had the first BIG Gilpin Lake House wedding with a Papakata teepee in the grounds. It was supposed to be an outside ceremony but the weather was unkind so it was inside with standing room only which actually made it really intimate and fun.

Signage for a Gilpin Lake House wedding


Papakata Tipi at Gilpin Lake House


Wedding shoes and accessories at a Gilpin House wedding


Bride getting hair done at a Gilpin Lake House wedding


Bridal bouquet of flowers


Deer and antler hat rack at The GIlpin Hotel


Groom preparations at the Gilpin Hotel



Groom preparations at the Gilpin Hotel


Gilpin Lake House


Brides dresss and Christian Louboutin shoes


Bridesmaid smiling from behind the bathroom door


Empty peroni bottles by a hot tub


Wedding Tipi at Gilpin Lake house


Bridesmaids preparing for the wedding


A stone Gorilla in the grounds of Gilpin Lake house


Katie Dale doing the bride's hair


Bridesmaids reherasing a speech and laughing


Brides mum lying on the bed and smiling


Hairdresser showing the bride the back of her hair through a mirror


Bride having her make up applied


Bride getting dressed


Bride getting dressed


Bridesmaid doing up the buttons of the wedding gown


Bridesmaid helping the bride get dressed


Bride and bridesmaid holding hands


Hairdresser fixing the brides veil into her hair


fixing a button hole onto the bride's father


colourful bridal bouquet

You know it’s going to be a great day for emotion and lovely faces when the groom cries all morning and the bride laughs her head off all morning. Lindsay is a wildlife camera man so that explains the penguins outside the teepee in case you were wondering. He made wooden signs for Becky as a surprise to her for her walk down to the ceremony. The styling was based around woodland creatures with foxes and badgers. It was completely in keeping with Gilpin’s location and also with the couples love of animals. Lindsay’s nickname is Badger Boy because his best friend was a badger when he was young!  It’s fair to say that the day got better and better, as did the weather, so good in fact that the groom whipped his rod out early evening (sorry, couldn’t help it!) and they went fishing. Then there was cake and lots of dancing.

Groom trying not to cry as he waits for his bride


groom wiping tears away


Lady fixing the grooms tie


Bride arriving with her father to the ceremony


Wedding guests looking on as the bride arrives at the ceremony


Groom overcome with emotion as his bride arrives


bride and groom hugging as they greet each other at the ceremony


Bride and groom laughing and crying




Bride and groom saying their vows



Bride and groom laughing during the ceremony





Bride ang groom exchanging rings


Bride and groom's first kiss as they are husband and wife



Bridesmaids holding their bouquets


Bride and groom walking down the path with their guests following



Woodland wedding styling at Gilpin Lake House



The wedding breakfast was beautifully prepared by Gilpin’s celebrity chef Hrishikesh Desai. I’m always a little bit star struck when he’s around!

Gilpin's celebrity chef Hrishikesh Desai preparing the wedding breakfast


Bride and groom in Gilpin Lakes House's boat house




Groom adjusting his bow tie


Bride and groom walking through the woods at Gilpin hotel and lake house


Bride and groom walking and laughing


Knipe Tarn at Gilpin Lake House


Bride and groom overlooking Knipe Tarn at Gilpin hotel and Lake House


Bride and groom overlooking Knipe Tarn at Gilpin hotel and Lake House


Bride and groom kissing at Knipe Tarn at Gilpin hotel and Lake House




A naked wedding cake


Bride and groom entering the Teepee as guest look on clapping


Guests clapping and smiling as the bride and groom enter the marquee


Wedding guests heckling during speeches


Bridesmaids smiling as groom makes his speech


Weddign guest enjoying the grooms speech


bride and her father laughing during speeches


Groom laughing during the speeches


Groom getting his rod ready for fishing on Knipe Tarn at Gilpin Lake House


Bride and groom getting into a rowing boat


Groom preparing to go fishing at Knipe Tarn at Gilpin Lake House


groom selecting his fish food


Bridesmaids walking down the jetty infront of Gilpin Lake House


Bride and groom in the rowing boat at Gilpin Lake house


Christian Louboutin wedding shoes discarded on the jetty




Groom casting his fishing line at Gilpin Lake House whilst the bride looks on


Wedding guests chatting on the lawn


Bride and groom kissing in a rowing boat at Gilpin Lake House


Bride and Groom in a rowing boat on Knipe Tarn at Gilpin Hotel and Lake House


bride and groom in a rowing boat


Bride waving at her guests from a rowing boat as the groom steers them back into shore



Drunken wedding guest sitting on a stone turtle


A Papakata Tipi at Gilpin hotel and Lake House


Bride and groom doing their first dance




Bride and groom doing their first dance under the confetti shower


Bride and groom dancing


Wedding guests dancing


Bride hugging her friend


Drunken wedding guest drinking beer from a bottle


Wedding guests dancing


Bride dancing on her own whilst her mum takes a picture on her phone


Grooms dad falling off his chair


Papakata tipi at night

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