Lancashire beloved shoot [part a and part b]

November 26, 2013

This gorgeous couple who refer to each other as ClareyFairy and Scottythehottie, have known each other since they were teenagers and have kept every love letter, cinema ticket, concert ticket and general scribblings and diagrams of love since the day they met.  The beloved shoot [part a] started at their lovely home. They gathered all the bits and bobs they’ve saved up over the years and were kind enough to share it all with me, I’m not entirely sure if they filtered it first but I don’t think so!  I was greeted by one of their adorable cats peering out at me and then had the most delightful couple of hours photographing laughs, guitar playing, Clare’s favourite Swatch, two cats and some cats ears and the lovely home they share together.  The best bit though was listening to them go through all the old love letters and read them out to each other.

Part b was photographed at Formby beach with the adorable Oscar. He completely stole the show with his shenanigans and made us all laugh.  It was pouring down for most of the shoot but nobody seemed to mind.

Clare and Scott are getting married next August in the Lake District and I will have the privilege of photographing their wedding day.