A Love Story lasting 60 years

July 6, 2015

When you meet a couple who have loved each other for so long, it’s overwhelming because that’s what every couple aspire to when they stand together saying their vows. I was compelled to photograph them and find out more about their story. Anne and Peter met on this day 60 years ago. I had the privilege of photographing them at the Wild Boar. I managed to get hold of some old photographs of them from their daughter to add to the collection. “We met at the Manchester Hotel in Blackpool. Pete had been hired as a lead and come up on the night train. I was assistant stage manager. I was wearing a cotton skirt which had tiers and a black polo sweater. Pete was wearing his lovely gray suit. He got the money for the suit off one of his girlfriends!”

“I’d been up all night on a train. Changed at Preston and got off at Blackpool South.  I met a beautiful girl. Annie told me she was beautiful because I wasn’t sure. Redhead. I can’t remember her name.”

“They said you can leave your case. Go to the theatre and there are some digs on Albert Road.  Another Anne took me up through the hotel, it was very plush. Suddenly there was a great palaver at the door and up comes madam here.”

“I had to pursue her. I was a bloody nuisance, I’m sure of it!”

“I thought Pete was rather silly actually but we were youngsters. We were a very happy young crowd. I had a very nice boyfriend who I had to chuck. I wrote him a Dear John letter. We used to do our courting on the central pier in between shows. We’d buy a little dish of cockles. He took a lot of pictures of me.  We’d have a cuddle behind the lifeboats. I had my bike to cycle home and he’d go back to his digs. I can take myself right back to sitting there.”

Anne’s quality was she was very happy for me when I got a job. She was so delighted. If it had been me I’d have been very jealous and unhappy because you have to kiss on stage and such.  I had more of that unfortunate quality in me. She stuck with me. It’s a wonderful quality she has.


“We came to Blackpool to marry. We had lunch at the Low Wood in the Lakes and we went on a boat. I was in my lovely wedding outfit. I wore my uncle Norman’s shoes for the boat trip because we were tramping through the undergrowth to get to the boat. Pete was still in that gray suit, he paid her back for it though!”





“You sit there hoping you’ll get this cat food commercial and you think is this it? I’ve been much happier teaching French and Yoga. Actors are very snobby.”

“You can’t run it down, I’ve played some wonderful parts. So have you Annie.”

“Thank you darling for that wonderful tribute!”








Absolutely perfect Lisa- totally sums up your work, love it!

Just beautiful…..for a couple I’ve known for 47 years……wonderful! Thank you.

This is such a beautiful story ” love story” . Beautifully told, sensitively caught by one of the most sensitive and loving photographers. I am so glad you are our wedding photographer you will tell the story of Aidan and I two more old love birds! X

beautiful sensitive photographs and comments of 2 wonderful people for whom I feel a lot of affection!

Thank you Lisa for the beautiful photos and story….my dearest cousin Pete and his lovely wife Anne

Lovely photos of a grand couple. Friends and neighbors for over 48 years. Many congratulations to you both and Lisa for taking such lovely photos.